THIS IS THE “SHOW UP & SHOW OUT” ANTHEM for those who have ever matriculated on The Highest of Seven Hills in Tallahassee, FL, spent Quality Time on The Set, and rep that Orange and Green when they “STRIKE, AND STRIKE, AND STRIKE AGAIN”!

It all started in 1887 and we will continue to be The Benchmark of HBCU Excellence in our heart, head, hand, and on field! 

A percentage of the proceeds from the song will go to current FAMU students as a scholarship to help them realize and utilize the POWER of edutainment, entrepreneurship, and economics. The Scholarship will be called the Underground  Rattlerroad Fund.

DONATE 2 DOWNLOAD this song and a  % of the proceeds will go to the newly founded SOS Scholarship Fund for our students who are in DISTRESS and in NEED of a lil sumthin’ sumthin’ to help them out!

livelovelife365® is dedicated to helping students and young people of all ages to realize and utilize the ECONOMICS of Black Excellence!    

A. London Arrington 
The brand is also the…   …..LIFESTYLE!