Just like “hurt people hurt people, PIMPED people PIMP other people! This song results from 7 years of therapy with Dr. Terry Parks, learning Trading Psychology from several books, and taking Trading Courses from Daryl Skipwith, The Trading Addict, Swaggy C, and Kim Moore. You may ask “What does trading have to do with love and relationship?” and the answer is EVERYTHING! Therapy and trading force you to recognize and confront your good AND bad traits…especially on a subconscious level. Until you KNOW YOURSELF, you can’t possibly know and love someone else. In order to be successful in therapy and within the trading market, there’s a deep level of WORKING THROUGH  A PROCESS that MUST be executed. It works even better when you FALL IN LOVE with that process, EMBRACE what you need to keep, and DETOX what you need to remove from every facet of your being. Many of us have been PIMPED to subconsciously believe that we should live a life of fear, distraction, dysfunction, ignorance, and greed in General Admission. PIMP THERAPY® is a love song and a movement about freeing yourself from those limitations and living a life of intellect, faith, focus, and economics in V.I.P.!

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  1. London Arrington
    The brand is also the…   …..LIFESTYLE!