This song is music for a MOVEMENT! By celebrating them as Intellectual Celebrities®, we want to give our youth the MOTIVATION to make the honor and maintain their grades. Also, the song serves as MOTIVATION for communities to become more involved with giving some much deserved attention to young people who consistently DO THE RIGHT THING and aren’t labeled “at risk”!

Our goal: let’s start giving intellect, character, focus, and discipline to SAME ENERGY, ATTENTION, and RESOURCES that we give ignorance, distraction, and dysfunction!
livelovelife365® is asking you to INVEST in the music and our movement!

Your purchase of $1.29 or WHATEVER YOU DECIDE THAT YOU ARE  “PROUD TO PAY” will help us to roll out the red carpet for these Intellectual Celebrities and give them the V.I.P. treatment for their academic achievement. You KNOW that you would’ve LOVED it if our community would’ve done the same for you!

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