Welcome! This is the OFFICIAL site for livelovelife365!

livelovelife365 is more than our brand… …it’s a LIFESTYLE!

We.re not going to bore you with a formal history, our motto, and information that you’ll just skip. We really just want to get to the BOTTOM LINE:


* We have concerts, social events, and speaking forums so that adults can party/socialize and converse/strategize about current topics that will be the catalyst for 99% of Americans to REBUILD THIS NATION AND CREATE A NEW VILLAGE that’s FULL of…  LOVE, JOY, RESPECT, PASSION, PURPOSE, and PROSPERITY!  (Please note that this is NOT just more of the intangible feel-good motivational verbiage that you have seen before. KEEP READING… we actually have TANGIBLE TOOLS that help you to pursue your passion and purpose with prosperty as a goal.)

* This is where entertainment and economics meet to create a “tipping point” for an ORGANIZED PLAN OF ACTION where individual EVOLUTION (through economic, mental and spiritual empowerment) transitions into a collective rEVOLUTION that will change our lives forever! (yes, we’re aware that we’re SCREAMING; we’re THAT intense because we are just that serious about our mission)

At livelovelife365, we realize the power of passion and purpose. More importantly, we realize how powerful those two entities are when coupled with the essential tools to pursue and successfully attain them. Through our varied research, conversations, and correspondence with several creative, corporate, political, and economic strategists, we have narrowed the principles for CHANGE in this country to three essential activities.

You MUST: 1) INVEST in yourself 2) INVEST in those who invest in you 3) ELECT those who PROTECT your investments

livelovelife365 has learned that a life of passion and purpose makes you want to do more than just exist through life. When you INVEST in a new music project, merchandise, and/or an event, you INVEST in a MOVEMENT! EVERY purchase allows us to donate to shelters for abused women and homeless families. Additionally, when you INVEST in our products, into a learning institution, myEcon, that teaches the benefits of virtual/home-based business ownership and the HUGE tax benefits that are parallel with entrepreneurship! This is the knowledge that America’s wealthiest people NEVER wanted us (99%) to learn! When you INVEST in livelovelife365, you INVEST in a MOVEMENT to rebuild a FOUNDATION of intellect, character, and economic empowerment that we NEED right now!