The Self Love Songs EP is…  …Music Edutainment!

Literally, it’s inspirational music that was originally written and co-produced by A. London Arrington for the sole purpose of uplifting the minds and souls of children in PreK, elementary, and middle school! The songs were an integral part of simultaneously educating young people about the power of edutainment, entrepreneurship, and economics, entertaining the students with uplifting music and motivational speaking, and celebrating their efforts of making the honor roll and doing their best. Also, the songs were instrumental in showing the parents and teachers how music can create a state of focus, awareness, and mindfulness that starts in the morning and continues throughout the day.

While performing So Proud Of You for a group of children during a school assembly, London noticed a few teachers started crying too. When he asked one of the teachers why she was crying, she said that when she heard the song, she’d realized that she’d NEVER had someone tell her that they were proud of her! So, even though she knew that he was singing it for the students, she could really FEEL the lyrics too! That AHA moment became the catalyst for this project, Self-Love Songs!

I Am Love is a self-affirming chant that keeps one centered in the mindfulness that GOD is love, we are created in God’s image, and (regardless of our age or race) should regularly say, sing, and/or chant “I am love” to ourselves. We can use these three words to fortify ourselves from negative self-talk and any kind of bullying or abuse that others may attempt to inflict upon us.

So Proud Of You is a song for two occasions. First, it’s a song that allows you to look into the mirror and give yourself a little praise when you need it. Then, when you feel that someone that you know needs to hear and feel that you are proud of them, you can send it to them. It’s a small gesture that could make someone else’s day…in a BIG way!

Officially Worthy is the ultimate self-confidence anthem! The song is for anyone who needs a reminder that everyone deserves some joy after their pain and some sunshine after the rain in their life. It’s an inspirational feel-good groove for an individual or collective celebration of WHO YOU ARE!

The Self Love Song project is for ALL ages, genders, cultures, and races! It can be played while alone for affirmation, awareness, and meditation. Or, it can be utilized within a group of people to elevate one person or the entire collective to a heightened frequency of Love and Oneness! We hope that you enjoy it!


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