O Come Thru


NOW, JUST IMAGINE IF… …Uncle Luke woke up SCREAMING a CHANT about the “Lil Baby Jesus” and took a flight to NYC to meet Afrika Bambaataa and the Soul Sonic Force in the studio to make a beat! Then, they hooked up with Leslie Odom Jr. and Gregory Porter to lace the beat with some Nat King Cole/Johnny Hartman/Marvin Gaye on his Vulnerable album vocals! Then, they flew to the ATL to get that TRAP sound from Future! Then, they flew to the West Coast to get that Ty Dolla $ign and Mustard influence on the track! THEN….they stopped by Terrace Martin and MixedByAli to mix and master on the track!! Well, if that imaginary scenario piqued your interest, HERE’S WHAT IT SOUNDS LIKE…O Come Thru!

Happy holidays from all of us at livelovelife365®!!

A. London Arrington livelovelife365®: The BRAND is also the… …..lifestyle!


Proceeds from the purchase of this single will go toward purchasing gifts for children who NEED 2019-2020 coats, clothing, other necessities, and for a few children who deserve something special for the holiday!!