#2 – So Proud Of You


#selflove is… …Music Therapy!

Literally, it’s inspirational music that was originally written and produced by A. London Arrington for the sole purpose of uplifting the minds and souls of children in elementary and middle school! The songs were an integral part of simultaneously entertaining the students and celebrating their efforts of making the honor roll. Also, the songs were instrumental in showing the parents and teachers about how music can create a state of mindfulness that starts in the morning and continues throughout the day.

While performing So Proud Of You for a group of children, London noticed a few teachers started crying too. He asked one of the teacher why she was crying and she said that, at that very moment, she’d realized that she’d NEVER had someone tell her that they were proud of her! So, even though she knew that he was singing it for the students, she could really FEEL the lyrics too!

That AHA moment became the catalyst for this project, #selflove! It’s for ALL ages, genders, cultures, and races! It can be played while alone for meditation or within a group of people for an elevation to a heightened frequency of Love and Oneness! We hope that you enjoy it!


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