August 22, 2015

SHE… ….and the HER within!

SHE… …lives LIFE while teaching, carrying, and nourishing a NEW LIFE within SHE… ….is the vessel for that NEW LIFE to live in this realm and quenches that first thirst for LIFE from within SHE… ….has been taught to look for GOD through men before looking for GOD within SHE… …..was created in GOD’s image […]

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August 11, 2015

Dear GOD, I KNOW that YOU are…      ……a “THE POINTER SISTERS singing around RICHARD PRYOR in CAR WASH” GOD!! Early this morning, I heard YOU singing, ” You gotta believe in something! Why not believe in ME?!” Sincerely, YOUR Image

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August 10, 2015

MAN SECRET: simple pleasures

When a man REALLY decides to settle down, few things that he’s done as a single man can compare to having a thigh to rest his hand on and her hand rubbing the back of his neck while he’s driving! I’m yearning for the #simplepleasures ©2015 A. London Arrington for livelovelife365™

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