920072_481677595221552_947066665_oLondon Arrington is a musician/songwriter/singer/poet/motivational speaker who has always had an active interest in alternative learning methods. London grew up with mentally disabled uncle who loved music. By watching his uncle, he realized that music had a profound effect on how children behave and learn. While in middle school, London started playing the trombone and discovered that he had an affinity for several genres of music from classical to hip hop. His love for music earned him a scholarship to Florida A&M University where he marched in the Marching “100” and played in their Jazz ensemble as well. During this matriculation, London always paid close attention to the effect that music had on a listener’s behavior and demeanor.

After graduation from college, London performed with Wycliffe Gordon, several musicians from Jazz at Lincoln Center, and performed at several private parties, company award shows, and events and corporate bands while working with several organizations that helped youth that were labeled “at risk” and “with maladaptive behaviors”. He helped to provide social skills, work etiquette, ethics, and job training to this population of young kids through various programs at Goodwill. He became a mentor to several kids in several communities across Georgia, Alabama, and Florida. In addition to the work and social adjustment for this group of young adults, London also co-owned a residential group home for autistic and mentally disabled teenagers and young adults. Music played an integral role in the success of integrating the residents of this personal care program into “societal normalcy” and getting them to matriculate through the IEPs and ISPs that were developed for them while under the company’s care. Life and behavioral skills were often taught to individuals with music and songs. During Mr. Arrington’s tenure of ownership, the personal care home had a pristine reputation for providing guidance and supervision with challenged individuals who were quite functional in a variety of social settings.

Presently, London is taking his experience in music, speaking, and mentoring to new heights. He believes that one of the keys to rebuilding a better nation with a foundation of equality, respect, and love is a soundtrack/musical score that plays constantly in the minds of those “construction workers” who are ready, willing, and able to construct the cornerstone of a NEW America where 99% of the population can truly believe that this is the “land of the free and the home of the brave”!  He believes that MUSIC is just that POWERFUL!!

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