December 26, 2015

CONFESSION: I’m tired of LYING… ….here’s THE TRUTH!!

CONFESSION: I’ve been a HYPOCRITE, but I’m tired of LYING about it! So, here’s the TRUTH!
I had to have my health fail me and hit ROCK BOTTOM to REALLY change my mindstate, my financial status, and my lifestyle. MY FIRST CHANGE happened in Manhattan, New York! I was having a conversation with my older brother, Pierre Pierre, and he told me something that he KNEW would DISTURB me to the CORE of my BEING and possibly start a fight. After listening to a song that I’d recorded, he told me, “This is the BEST song that you’ve ever recorded! Please DO SOMETHING with it! I’m going to start calling you Sammy Saboteur because you RUIN everything that you start for yourself…OUT OF FEAR!! I’ve seen you do it for years and I’m SICK of watching you do it to yourself!” He KNEW that NOBODY talks to me LIKE THAT without getting verbally and/or physically destroyed, but HE DID IT! I sat there SPEECHLESS because I knew that it was TRUE, but I’d never heard it come from someone else’s mouth about me! Hell, I’d even said it to a few people while secretly knowing that it applied to ME!


I cured myself from a disease that I call SABOTEURIOUSHALFASSNESS! It’s a disease that makes you ONLY do enough so people THINK that you’re doing your BEST, but YOU KNOW that you are doing only half of what you SHOULD be doing to succeed because you’re AFRAID of FAILURE and SUCCESS!

The SECOND CHANGE happened to me earlier this year! Because of my lack of discipline and consistency in exercise and healthy eating habits, my health failed me! It happened two days after a financial crisis FORCED me to spend every dime that I had to maintain my FREEDOM…  ….and BORROW money to maintain my FREEDOM! The STRESS of it all and the failure of my youth program and my new music project was too much for me! I HIT ROCK BOTTOM!! So, I did the ONLY thing that I could do! Literally, I got on my knees for the first time since I was a child, and I started to PRAY on the side of my bed! I asked GOD to “show me SOMETHING….ANYTHING…that would deliver me from NOTHING to EVERYTHING that my heart desired”! I figured if I’m going to ask then ASK FOR EXACTLY WHAT I WANTED! I got in bed and slept like a baby! In fact, I had a dream! My dream wasn’t about some fantasyland. The dream showed me ALL of the things that I had in my life that I wasn’t utilizing to FULL POTENTIAL (i.e. my talents, my crew of people who REALLY believe in me, my resources and professional relationships that I took for granted, my spirit of discernment, and finally a business called MyEcon) because I was walking in FEAR and UNWORTHINESS instead of FAITH!!

In my dream, I was in the studio singing a song and the title was OFFICIAL WORTHY! The song is about how I and many of us were raised in church with the mindstate that “I’m so unworthy of God’s mercy and grace” and we’re CONSTANTLY praying for a better life while saying and thinking that we’re NOT worthy in our subconscious! I woke up at 4:00 am and I STILL remembered EVERY word and the melody of the song! I recorded the song on my phone, I called Pierre and a few other people, and I started APPLYING the title AND the lyrics in the song to my life IMMEDIATELY!! My life has CHANGED….PHENOMENALLY!

Today, I’m making MORE MONEY than I’ve ever made in my life and I’ve learned how to MANAGE it properly! I’m paying my medical expenses, paying back the money that I borrowed, and I KNOW for sure that I’ll be COMPLETELY DEBT FREE by Summer 2016! I’ve found the SECRETS of the WEALTHY that weren’t taught to me because my family and inner circle of friends weren’t taught The NEW Rules of Money!
ALL of this came to me because I hit ROCK BOTTOM, I couldn’t FAKE IT anymore, and I have NOTHING else to lose! So, I HAD to ask GOD and then BELIEVE that I was #OfficiallyWORTHY™ of ALL THAT MY HEART DESIRED to #livelovelife365™!
That’s MY TRUTH…  ….no HYPOCRISY! DON’T wait until you HIT THE BOTTOM! If I can STOP LYING and living in FEAR, then you can too!

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London Arrington is a musician/songwriter/singer/poet/motivational speaker who has always had an active interest in alternative learning methods. London grew up with mentally disabled uncle who loved music.

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