March 23, 2013

A Letter from a grown man to the Queens In Training (QITs)

Dear young lady,
    There’s no time for beating around the bush! The Earth and humans can no longer afford to perpetuate these lies. So, I MUST tell you THE TRUTH in this letter. After you read it and FULLY understand its meaning, please feel free to share it with anyone and EVERYONE that you encounter. Whether male or female, whether they seem ready for it or not, just share it with them just as I’m sharing with you. If they aren’t ready to receive it right now, just leave it with them along with a silent prayer that they will be receptive one day soon. The time has come for abundant clarity. Once we are all clear, we can begin the daily practical application of this truth.                 
    Before I begin, I’d like to tell you how I learned this truth. As a child of 15 years old, I was told of your power by one of you and I listened to EVERY word that she uttered. The lessons that I learned from my Big Mama (my maternal grandmother) seemed so far-fetched from what I saw on a daily basis that I dismissed what she said to me as an untruth. As I matured, I began to see her words as a truth that men used to manipulate women who didn’t know and/or believe the truth about themselves. As a Black man in America, I’ve seen how much power one can gain by keeping a group’s truth from them. Also, I’ve seen just how easy it is to manipulate them to believe and do ANYTHING when they don’t know or even have a desire to search for that truth!         
    First, the ONLY thing more horrible than RACISM in this world is SEXISM. There has never been an understanding and/or history of a group that has been more distorted than WOMAN.No, not even African Americans unless you consider the……African American WOMAN! Though you possess the SAME power to create, carry, nurture, and deliver LIFE to our realm of living (while living your life just as GOD does), the world and the most read “book” of the ages still refer to GOD as HE. Additionally,though the very foundation “where two or more are gathered in His name” often rest upon the backs of your faith, diligent servitude, and spirit, a woman STILL has difficulties being a “messenger” of GOD and a leader of the people that she birthed into this realm of living. This should give you some idea of just how diabolical the campaign AGAINST you is when you see that even the sanctuaries have circumscribed your existence to promote another’s position with GOD. If the “place of truth” has “re-invented” the truth, then surely you must look for the truth about yourself outside of that place and WITHIN YOURSELF so that you can truly know who you are and grasp a better understanding of your WORTH!
     Second, the secular world has accepted that “sex sells”. You SEE and HEAR it EVERYDAY and we have grown to accept it as a disturbing norm in pop culture. When you look at it closely though, it almost ALWAYS means that SELLING WOMEN and the allurement of ONLY one dimension of YOUR being SELLS! Men are obsessed with what’s between your legs because SOME women have allowed the totality of their worth to be….between their legs instead of between your EARS! As men, we won’t shift our focus from between your legs until you decide to RELOCATE YOUR TREASURE from one place to another. This concept may take some time because you have allowed us to view you as a “thing” that we “findeth” for so long that it’s very difficult for us to see and treat you as a human sheath with GOD within. 

    Third, when you decide to “relocate your treasure”, you become a student/teacher of THE GODLY MIRACLE that simultaneously happens when the attentive treasure between your ears (mind) connects with the epicenter of your being and awareness (soul) and fuels the desires of your tangible/intangible engine of life (heart).You’ll be able to facilitate a loving, lasting, progressive, and passionate matriculation of the curriculum called YOU! 

©2013 A. London Arrington for livelovelife365   Image


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London Arrington is a musician/songwriter/singer/poet/motivational speaker who has always had an active interest in alternative learning methods. London grew up with mentally disabled uncle who loved music.

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